Antiviral Drug Solutions

The biggest enemy when a new virus emerges is time.

To prevent pandemic viral spread, the first line of defense — as vaccine development gets underway — involves broad-spectrum small molecule antiviral drugs. Healthcare providers must be able to immediately treat sick people and vulnerable populations.

effective against multiple viruses in a given family
small molecule drugs:
organic compounds with low molecular weight; the pillars of traditional medicine (think aspirin as opposed to vaccines and other biologics)

Advantages of broad-spectrum small molecule drugs

  • Can be discovered and developed before the next virus emerges.
  • Can be tested for human safety and manufactured ahead of time.
  • Can be made into a pill and swallowed with a drink of water.
  • Shelf-stable and easy to ship for immediate targeted response.
  • Widely accepted by the public.
  • Effective against vaccine-resistant virus strains.

READDI Develops Antivirals to Combat the Unknown


virus families most likely to erupt into a pandemic.



conserved factors that all viruses in a family need to replicate.



developing and planning to deploy drugs that block viral replication.


We are re-engineering the antiviral development process.

Historically, antiviral drug development has not been commercially attractive. Academics engage in small molecule drug discovery efforts, but they lack the development capability and resources of the pharmaceutical industry. READDI is accelerating development of antiviral medicines because waiting to react to the next pandemic disease outbreak is already years too late.

READDI’s innovative business model breaks the panic-neglect cycle of pandemic response by leveraging the best of academia, government and industry. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to equitable global access, we bring together experts in virology, medicinal chemistry, regulatory affairs, pharmaceuticals and more with a single goal in mind — to provide broad-spectrum small molecule antivirals before the next pandemic hits.

Prospective Pipeline

prospective pipeline