Collaborate with Us

Trusted expertise. Mission focus. Urgency.

Help us re-engineer antiviral drug development.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, READDI is committed to equitable global access. We prepare for future pandemics by bringing together the world’s best scientific and business minds to proactively develop orally available antiviral drugs. And our business model rewards innovators.

We’re looking for collaborators to help us:

Accelerate new antiviral discovery & development

  • Target conserved factors that members of virus families need to replicate.
  • Discover, develop and deploy broad-spectrum small molecule antiviral drugs.

Aggregate and advance existing assets

  • Identify promising antiviral compounds shelved by industry.
  • Develop stalled antivirals from academic labs.
  • Evaluate antiviral activity of molecules developed for other therapeutic indications.

Expedite treatment availability everywhere

  • Prepare Phase II & III trial design.
  • Identify manufacturing partners in advance.
  • Prepare global access plans.

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